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James Plant Hire Product List

Compaction Equipment

28" Single Drum Vibrating Roller
Benford TV 80 Sit On Roller
Bomag 100 A.D. Vibrating Roller
Bomag 120 A.D. Vibrating Roller
Compaction Plates 12" - 20"
F/R Diesel Plate

Concrete Mixers

5/3 1/2
1/2 Bag - Petrol & Electrial c/w Stands

Compressors/Hydraulic Breakers

85 cfm Compressor c/w Tools
140 cfm Compressor c/w Tools
Hydraulic Unit c/w Breaker


1 TON Hi-Lift Dumper
2.5 TON Swivel Dumper
3 TON 4 x 4 Dumper
5 TON 4 x 4 Dumper
6 TON 4 x 4 Dumper
9 TON 4 x 4 Dumper

Road/Floor Saws

14" Saw c/w Diamond Blade
18" Saw c/w Diamond Blade

Mini Excavators

Excavator 28"
1.5 Tonne
3 Tonne


Mono Block Splitter
Stihl Saws
9" Circular Saws
Hammer Drills etc
Med Duty Breaker/Drill
2" Pumps c/w Hoses
3" Pumps c/w Hoses
3 KVA to 15 KVA Transformers
HYD Drill Rig c/w Dia Core
Skid Steer Loaders


2.7 KVA to 100 KVA


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